The most common problem with an Air Conditioner System is the lack of maintenance. Dirty coils result in high electric bills and overheating motors cause capacitors to break down. Low refrigerant level lead to extended running time. Clogged drain lines may result in water damage. If your system has not been cleaned or serviced in the past three years we strongly recommend having it done. Clean coils and sufficient refrigerant help to save energy and money.


Verify the following when the A/C is not working:

  • – Circuit Breakers of HVAC system are not tripped
  • – Thermostat set properly on “COOL”
  • – Filters are clean
  • – GFI outlet for condensate pump is not tripped (pump located in basements or crawl spaces)

After the basic troubleshooting steps, if your A/C is still not working, please check for the following:

  • – System running continuously but not cooling
  • – Water in secondary drain pan
  • – Blank thermostat
  • – Outdoor unit not working
  • – Unit icing up

The first thing to do: TURN OFF system from the thermostat,
then Call us at (252) 366-3524 to schedule an appointment.

CLIMA is the only company in the area that offers a personalized diagnostic of your system, where in a simple way we will explain the failure and the solutions to the problem. By experience we know that a well informed customer takes better decisions and is more satisfied.

SMART Accessories recommended for Air Conditioner systems


Protects electric and electronic parts in outdoor units from lightning and power surges.


Prevents water damages (strongly recommended for units located in attics)


Installed by the indoor coil prevents odors and mildew growth.

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